Monday, June 25, 2007

Imphal, Manipur visit

Our vehicle,the white bolero, had to wait till six pm even though we arrived earlier to enter Imphal because of inter -ethnic trouble between the meitei and Kuki community. Because of the rich diversity of different languages, there's a lot of infighting within the states, hardly any cops in Imphal itself but all army guys. 11 people died because of the conflict, some of the victims killed just because they belonged to the wrong community. More details here at

Typical Meitei house - padded with mud to cool the house, in sharp contrast to the bamboo houses in the hills

The history of Manipur dated back to 33 A.D ruled by a total of more than 109 kings and Manipur was known by different names at various periods in its history, such as, Tilli-Koktong, Poirei-Lam, Sanna-Leipak, Mitei-Leipak, Meitrabak or Manipur (present day).

Imphal Streets- the traditional dress of the women folk is a sarong called "phanek". It is worn at the waist down to the ankles, or under the arms, covering the breasts and down to mid-calf.
Women's market Place
Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in northeastern India. It is also called the only "Floating lake" in the world due to the floating Phundies on it.It serves as a source of water for hydropower generation, irrigation and drinking water supply.
The Plains of Imphal,

The custom of Imphal is quite different from the surrounding area, the land is fertile and people say that they grow enough to support themselves, the plain area is mostly inhabited by the Meitei People.


  1. this is the jewel of in manipur is lovely..but those maddogs make the Sanaleibak hell...

  2. Wow! thatz pictures are really nice.. proud to born in Manipur.
    Also check out some of manipur photo in

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  4. Manipur is my favorite holiday destination. This is a most beautiful and attractive place of northeast India.Exotic scenery, mystic atmosphere and salubrious climate are all fabulous in Manipur. I love to visit Manipur again and again.

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