Monday, April 16, 2007

Bru Village - Tripura

Tripura Hills where the Bru (tuikuk) are staying
The Bru problem both in Tripura and in Mizoram remains unresolved with surrendered insurgents in Mizoram and refugees in Tripura having demands of their own.

Typical Village, they are believed to be the original inhabitants of Tripura but have been assimilated by Bengali's. They now constitute only 30% of the State and are neglected by the Bengali majority.

School Started by Missionaries from Mizoram with students

Children posing for a photograph

Since the roads are infested with with Different insurgent groups, vehicles have to travel in a convoy accompanied by the army.

The origin of the Reang or Bru is said to be Maian Tlang, a hill near Rangamati of Bangladesh. Some opine that they originally belonged to the Shan state of Burma where they migrated from Chittagong and then into Tripura during the 14th century. Their migration from Tripura to Mizoram took place quite recently. The census report shows a remarkable rise in Riang population within a very short period.

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