Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Indian Billionaire Hullabo

It's really sad that Indian Media is making a big thing India having the most number of billionaires in asia, 36 Indian billionaires worth $ 191 billions while having a per capita of only $ 705 while rich countries like Japan have 24 billionaires worth $ 64 billion and their per capita income is
$ 33,100.

I don't see what the media has so much to be proud about when our Human Development Index is just 0.611. India has millions of people with no social security sleeping on the pavement sleeping with shit as seen in the picture above when the richest Indian, also 5th richest in the world not only lives in a $ 128 million dollar home in the UK, has very little investment in India, does not pay tax to India and does not live in India.

I don't see the point of being proud of our billionaires who try to avoid paying taxes, when 47 per cent of the children below 5 years old in the country have cacotrophia or stunt problem; more than 5.70 million population is infected with AIDS; more than 1/4 Indian citizens live on less than one dollar as their living expense per day and only 61 per cent of the adults are educated.
The government should strive towards higher human development and higher per capita income rather than encouraging super rich people.


  1. hey, am happy to know that you're reading :-) something atleast

  2. ofcourse bro, I love your writing..I wish I could write like you..ur awesome!