Monday, February 5, 2007

Auroville - Pondicherry

The Spiritual Center - Matri Mandir right in the middle of Auroville

Inside view of the Matri Mandir - a place of spiritual meditation

A typical road in auroville - unpaved, with lots of green trees, a few years back when this was started, it was all barren land.

A round curved shaped house - looks like something straight out of an Asterix Comics book, one reason i like about this place is that all the blaring noise, ugly advertisements, the competition for more money or greed is more inconspicuous here

A stone house - it has a small pond around the house with a rock garden, very beautiful.

The Pyramid of Giza - well almost looks like it, another of the beautiful buildings

The Bamboo huts near the beach

The Waves beating on the sandy shores of Pondy

for more info about auroville you can check out their site at

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