Monday, January 29, 2007


I sat up in my bed weeping, she left me again without saying goodbye .How could she possibly do this to me again .!! I though I just told her the way she left me the last time, never giving me the slightest hint that she would never come back. I never thought my MOMMY would leave me without even hugging me ‘goodbye’ .She was always the one who dropped us off to boarding schools and always there to welcome us when we went home. I just knew this could not be her, even if it was I wouldn’t want to admit it !! No, it just couldn’t be her!!
Just a minute ago, we were talking and I was updating her about what has happened since the past four years. We decided on doing so many things together and I was all happy and jumping until I woke up and found out that it was just a dream. How is wish my dream never ended that fateful day .I thought they say” DARE TO DREAM”.

Hmmm…have we ever looked back the years we lived and been satisfied about it ? I firmly believe that “Life is not measured by how many years U live but by the things that we do” I know my mom lived only for 46 years but I know for a fact that she has lived a measurable live .She was truly a great person because of the people whom I knew only after she died who told me what she had done for them. She was so humble and really tried her level best to set an example for us. Sometimes, I use to feel that she lived for others .She loved helping others and that’s what gave her the most satisfaction in her life. I am glad that she has helped so many people that if she only knew how grateful they are to her while she was alive, she would have been so happy.

Why don’t we show our feelings to our loved one’s to make their day? We don’t know when we are destined to die. One of my motto is : If I knew that I have hurt anyone ,I make it a point to compromise before I go to sleep .Who knows when I am going to get up or who knows how long that person is going to live. Have U ever wondered how would u feel if a person died when u wanted to tell him/her ‘sorry’. I would not want to live a life thinking ’If Only’.

One of the most touching thing which my mom told me while she was in the hospital bed was ,” Sangi , I got married at a very young age and I might have hurt u intentionally or unintentionally parenting you .Please forgive me” !! sob ;( I cried the whole journey from Chennai to Bangalore. Boy, She was the sweetest mom anyone could ever pray for. She is my mom and my best friend!!

I just want to conclude by saying that God must have really loved me because even before I dared to dream , HE had already planted me in a womb of a mother who was like a dream come true MOTHER !! !

Mom, I miss U !!

by Sangi

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