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Helen Lowry School - Aizawl

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Helen Lowry Teaching first Students

The New Helen Lowry Auditorium cum indoor stadium- kind of echoing inside but looks good, miss the good old days when I used to study here

Farewell to the Lowry's

Flattening of the School ground

Morning Exercise in the School - Students are wearing shirts of different color according to house groups

Olden Days - Helen Lowry School

One of the earlier batches of students

Pi Helen Meleen Lowry te chanchin (Mizo)
Pi Helen Lowry hi March 9, 1912 ah Chicago, Illinois ah a piang a, an unau hi hmeichhia pali an ni a, ani hi a upa ber a ni. An naupan lai chuan South India ah a pa missionary E.M. Meleen a hovin an chhungkuain an khawsa a. Missionary vet ho G.G.Lowry a fapa Willis Gentry Lowry nen inneiin Mizoramah December 13, 1949 khan missionary ni turin an lo chhuak a. An fate pahnih an rawn hruai bawk a. An fate chu Eric leh Caroline an ni.
Mizorama English Medium School hmasa ber Themthiam Zirna School, tuna tuna Helen Lowry School hi a din a, January 17, 1950 ah he school hi tuna Governor awmna hmunah hian class tan a ni a. Khang hun laia sorkar hnathawk milian leh sipai hotu fate chu he schoolah hian a zirtir a ni.
Kum rei tak an awm hnuah October 24, 1964 ah Mizoram chu chhuah sanin Ranchi, Biharah an awm ta a. Ranchi-ah an awm chhung pawhin Northeast a zirtirtute tan workshop leh institute te tum engemaw zat a rawn neih pui a. 1973 ah Bihar chhuahsanin Seventh-day Adventist Headquarter Pune ah an insawn a. Pune an awm lai hian Southern Asia Divisionah Associate Education Director hna a chelh a. Chhungkaw lam mamawh te a ngaihtuah reng bawk a. Chhungkaw tan lehkhabu “Happiness Homemade” tih a buatsaih a ni. India ram mai nilovin ram thenawm Southern Asia Division in a huam chhungah Seminar leh workshop te neiin tum tam tak a zin kual thin a. 1981 ah pensionin USA ah an kir ta a ni.
USA a an kir hnu hian Colmont, Tennessee ah an cheng a. A pasal Pastor W.G. Lowry hian 1994 khan a boral san a. Pi Lowry hi a thih lai hian a nau Margaret i hnenah Kentucky ah a awm a ni. Pi Lowry hi a fanu Caroline leh a pasal in an lo boral san tawh bawk a ni.
source: Zotalk

 Helen Lowry School Story
Pastor and Mrs Lowry started the first English Medium school in Mizoram based on the words of King David in Pslam 143:12. Its says, ”Then our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants and our daughters will be pillars carved O adore the palace”. And according to E G White “True education is the harmonious development of the physical, mental, spiritual powers. It repairs the students for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come”(ED.P.13). And she again
said that, ”Whenever there are a few Sabbath keepers, the Parents should unit in providing a place for a day school where their children and youth can be instructed”. (Child Guidance P.307).
With these thoughts our missionaries felt the that our children and our youth should have proper education system. Therefore, they started the adventists school in mizoram with the help of a Laymen.
Pr. and Mrs. WG Lowry recieved a calling in 1948 from General Conferance to
be the pioneer Missionary in Mizoram (formaly Lushai Hills). At the time of the call, they were in Washington DC. After a long and difficult voyag in the sea they arrived in the Culcutta in August 1949. They have to wait for sometime in Calcutta toget their entry permit from the government to proceed on to Mizoram.Then, after they got their entry permit, and after a long and difficult journey with their two child elevenyears old son, Eric and nine years old daughter, Carolyn, they arrived at the Aizawl on December13 1949. Mr. Lallianzuala, the first Adventists among the mizos, met them on their way and he was very happy to see them. As they could not get their own living quarters, the Lowry family had to occupy Lallianzuala’s small kitchen. It was of course too small for them and all their things. Despite all the difficulties that came on their way, they happily faced all of them as they were prepared to do so in the services of their master. Indeed, the presence of the foreign missonary was a great inspiration for the few new believers .
Shortly after their arrival in Aizawl in 1949, Pr & Mrs. Lowry were invited by Mr Lalrinchhana Sailo, the Assistant Superintendent of Mizoram and who was a close relative to Mr. Lallianzuala Sailo, to Chrismas Party. Mr. SN Barkataki (IAS), the Superentendent of Mizoram, and a Hindu by religion was also present at the party Mr. Barkataki had wanted to get a teacher to teach his children. So he asked Mrs. Lowry to start an English Medium School. She was told that all the children of the Assam Rifles officers would also attend the school thuse making it a total of about 10 students. So with the permission and promise of help from the Superintendent the first English Medium School. She was told that all the children of the assam rifles officers would also attend the school thus making it a total of about 10 students. So with the permission and promise of help from the supirentendent, the first English School medium was opened on january 17th, 1950 in the Bungalow of the District Superintendent which is now the residence of the Governor of Mizoram.
Shortly after the school was opened, Mr. Barkataki’s children contacted chicken pox and for fear of spreading it to other children, the school was moved to the temporary residence of the lowry's at Mr. Lallianzuala’s house-a bamboo house with a thatched roof situated at which is now called Republic Veng. As the days and years passed by, the progress of the school satisfied Mr. Barkataki so much that he requested Mr. Lowry to open a school for the public on a permanent basis. Since the land was on the hill, the advantist volunteered to level to place so that the building of the school could be started. To meet the immediate needs of the school they erected bamboo structure with thatched roof and mud floor. They had classes from lower KG to standard VI. They build a separated office and a hostel for boys on the western side and for girls on the northern side on the hills.
During 1952 members of the SDA church build a road from Vaivakawn to the school which made transportation much easier. foreseeing the scarcity of water three huge water reservoirs was constructed, one near the hostel and the other two near the Bungalow, the residence of Pr & Mrs. Lowry.
After the establishment of the hostel in 1953, Mrs. Lowry requested Miss Biakchhingpuii (Mrs Lalliana colney) to be the preceptor of the hostel. And thus she became the first preceptor of Helen Lowry school. She was put in-charge of both the boys’and girls’hostel.
Thus, Themthiam zirna school in 1950 with the sincere efforts of Pr. & Mrs. Lowry. The strength of the school gradually increased as the year passed by. The school gain wider acceptance and recognition in and around Mizoram. The school has been producing valuable and efficient people right from its inception in 1950.
Due to political upheavel Pr & Mrs. Lowry had to leave Mizoram on December 13th, 1964 after fifteen years of service.
At the time of Pr. & Mrs. Lowry departure, the responsibility of running the school fel into the hands of the Adventist leaders and workers of the and as well as the local church members. Those who took up the responsibility were honest and diligent in following the guideline laid by the missionaries.
They ensured that the school was managed in the manner in which it was conceived to. In the days that followed, leaders as well as the people at large felt that it would be most appropriate to honour the founder of the school by naming the school after the founder, Mrs.Helen Lowry so they named the school Helen Lowry School. The school since 1977 has been known by this name.

Helen Lowry School, which started off with about 10 students reached the highest enrollment of 756 students during the year 1990. In 1956, the Assam section of SDA permitted extension of HLS up to class VII. In 1975, the Northeast India Section of SDA (Assam Section) recognized HLS, from Nursery to VII. In 1977, the Southern Asia Division of Seventh-day Adventists recognized HLS as Junior High school with its classes extending to class VII. In 1981, the Division recognized HLS as a full-fledge High School.


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