Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Good old college days

Graduation day - a sigh of relief after all those years of study
Bunch of guys in between classes in the cold winter morning
Group photo with our friends - i bet we're scattered all over the earth now

with friends near aud
Near the Auditorium

with friends
Graduation time


  1. va ngaihom hlom ve...HANY , SAMINGTHONG , GRACE leh MACA LE LE...heheh..LUNG an ti leng hle mai

  2. Iau.. PUNE lam chuan lung a ti leng ve khawp mai.. PU(to-be) Tluang.. kan NU min ti ngai trep a lom mawle..
    Aizawl i rawn thlen hunah.. min lo call ang che..

  3. hi tluanga:

    wonder if u remember me, nisha thomas.....i always go thru ur website coz' u have some nice pictures of feels good. I'm in US now and really miss i love c some pictures. Anyways, Ida mem...say hi to your bialnu.