Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Aizawl- Silchar - Shillong

This is a journey that we usually have to take every year as there's no direct train service, the road's narrow and pretty bad at some places. It's a panoramic view of Aizawl City, Capital of Mizoram from the other side of the hill

This is a view from the road near Kawnpui, the road snakes along the hill tops, which is quite high, when you look out, you almost feel like you're flying up there.

The tea gardens of Assam, this picture was taken after passing Silchar Town.

This is a picture of Sonapur, one of the perennial bad road areas in Meghalaya. It rains most of the time and has got really really bad roads there. As you can see, the Jungle's are really thick, covered with clouds most of the time.

Meghalaya higher up near shillong, very beautiful place, rolling hills, green grass and mountains full of pine trees and rivers meandering through the mountains.

The road's better this side, so the vehicles also run faster, this is a picture of a truck that had fallen by the side of the road, had to wait for traffic to clear up.

The fountain is in Police Bazar right in the middle of Shillong, capital of Meghalaya.


  1. very nice palace MEGHALAYA. from MEGHA

  2. Planning to do a roadtrip from Shillong to Aizawl on a bike during December 2010. Excited and readying things.

  3. I am planning to move from guwahati to aizwal. Can anyone advice how it's the road condition. We will be in a car. How long will it take ? I'm taking calls on 9403270754. Thanks