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What is the definition of ‘best friend’?
A best friend is the one friend who is closest to you. A person you know well and regard with affection and trust. For me, my best friend is someone very close to me who understands me in and out and is always there for me through thick and thin. My best friend is someone with whom I can be myself and accepts me the way I am. He/She is also someone with whom I share my deepest secrets, my thoughts and my dreams…

For some strange reason, diamonds are a girl’s best friend but dog are a man’s best friend. I personally never gave it a thought much until I watched “BLOOD DIAMOND” and am sure the opinion changes here. Thanks to Leonardo Dicaprio who acted brilliantly .I never did like him but I think I got a crush on him now ;)
What is ‘blood diamond’?
A blood diamond (also called a conflict diamond or a war diamond) is a
diamond mined in a war zone and sold, usually clandestinely, in order to finance an insurgent or invading army's war efforts.
Human rights organizations link more than four million deaths and millions more displaced people to the trade in blood diamonds. The movie Blood Diamond highlights the role that the illicit diamond trade played in the chaotic 1990s civil war in the African nation of Sierra Leone .The stones also funded armed conflicts in Angola, Liberia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Today the illicit diamond trade is believed to fund armed conflict in Côte D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and may finance terrorists groups such as al Qaeda

When I was in 5th std, I had a dog named Dingo. It was black in color and I simply adored it .It would follow me everywhere I go and would even walk me to school everyday. Dingo gave me a sense of security. My dad was doing his PhD in the Philippines those days so it sure kept our family guarded. One day, a mad dog came along and bit my dear Dingo and miserably died that day. With the pain and loss I went through that day, I am hesitant to have a pet. Now, I have a diamond ring which is nothing compared to the dog who was so kind and loyal to me. I would trade my diamond ring to get my dingo back anyday.
Have U ever compared diamond with dog ?
I know for sure both words start with the letter ‘D’ ;)
They are both precious, very precious indeed. Diamond is precious as ready money whereas dog with the feelings . A dog is a living being and can understand feelings whereas diamond is merely a dead shinning stone. We can learn how to be kind and loyal from a dog. What can we learn from a diamond? Diamond might enhance our outer looks and make us stand out in the crowd but it can’t make us look elegant. We need to have the poise and the confidence to carry the precious stone. To have the poise and confidence, it’s all about inner beauty which is first acquired by choosing dog to a diamond.
I just want to conclude here by asking you “why make a diamond or a dog be your best friend ?” Am sure there are people out there waiting for you to open your heart and be your best friend. I love my best friends and they are incomparable to Diamond or Dog. I would trade a dog and a diamond ring if I lost my best friend ;)
by Sangi…

Monday, January 29, 2007

Reality Show

I can’ believe that I stayed up till 4 am watching the finale of Shilpa Shetty’s Big Brother episode…hmmm for the past two weeks, I have been watching her in the news and was just curious.
Racism is a system or which states that inherent biological differences between Human races determine cultural or individual achievement — with a corollary that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
It has been a motivating factor in social discrimination, racial segregation and violence. Politicians are known to practice "Race baiting" in an effort to win votes.
Racism is everywhere…but we all can fight racism. It’ just the way an individual project themselves ;) I don’t know if Shilpa Shetty won out of sympathy or because she was worth it. I believe that most of the 63% vote that she won was out of sympathy. Have U ever imagined if we were to be seen 24/7 in a reality world…I wonder how many of us would have won it .I know that Big Brother’s reality show was only for 25 days but just imagine living in a world of reality show for 24/7 for the rest of our life!! Just a thought….:)


I sat up in my bed weeping, she left me again without saying goodbye .How could she possibly do this to me again .!! I though I just told her the way she left me the last time, never giving me the slightest hint that she would never come back. I never thought my MOMMY would leave me without even hugging me ‘goodbye’ .She was always the one who dropped us off to boarding schools and always there to welcome us when we went home. I just knew this could not be her, even if it was I wouldn’t want to admit it !! No, it just couldn’t be her!!
Just a minute ago, we were talking and I was updating her about what has happened since the past four years. We decided on doing so many things together and I was all happy and jumping until I woke up and found out that it was just a dream. How is wish my dream never ended that fateful day .I thought they say” DARE TO DREAM”.

Hmmm…have we ever looked back the years we lived and been satisfied about it ? I firmly believe that “Life is not measured by how many years U live but by the things that we do” I know my mom lived only for 46 years but I know for a fact that she has lived a measurable live .She was truly a great person because of the people whom I knew only after she died who told me what she had done for them. She was so humble and really tried her level best to set an example for us. Sometimes, I use to feel that she lived for others .She loved helping others and that’s what gave her the most satisfaction in her life. I am glad that she has helped so many people that if she only knew how grateful they are to her while she was alive, she would have been so happy.

Why don’t we show our feelings to our loved one’s to make their day? We don’t know when we are destined to die. One of my motto is : If I knew that I have hurt anyone ,I make it a point to compromise before I go to sleep .Who knows when I am going to get up or who knows how long that person is going to live. Have U ever wondered how would u feel if a person died when u wanted to tell him/her ‘sorry’. I would not want to live a life thinking ’If Only’.

One of the most touching thing which my mom told me while she was in the hospital bed was ,” Sangi , I got married at a very young age and I might have hurt u intentionally or unintentionally parenting you .Please forgive me” !! sob ;( I cried the whole journey from Chennai to Bangalore. Boy, She was the sweetest mom anyone could ever pray for. She is my mom and my best friend!!

I just want to conclude by saying that God must have really loved me because even before I dared to dream , HE had already planted me in a womb of a mother who was like a dream come true MOTHER !! !

Mom, I miss U !!

by Sangi

The Dilemma of being an Indian

It’s tough being an Indian sometimes when you are a minority of a minority, let me illustrate it for you, the races of India are divided into these main sub groups according to the CIA database Indo-Aryan 72%, Dravidian 25%, Mongoloid and other 3%, and according to religion Religions: Hindu 80%, Muslim 14%, Christian 2.4%, Sikh 2%, Buddhist 0.7%, Jains 0.5%, other 0.4%

I am an Indian of Mongoloid 3% from one of the smallest states India whose population is just 0.090% of the Indian population and again happen to be a Christian protestant minority from the small state so you can just imagine the dilemma that I have to go through. Let me list some of the unpleasant things that I have to go through:

Where are you from, are you from China, Korea? – These questions pop up everywhere and these questions have been popping out to me as I’m usually the only person with mongoloid feature in my school or workplace. Even when I explain that I’m from Mizoram, they still assume that Mizoram is somewhere in China or Japan.

Do you Know Kung Fu? Most of my Indian brothers assume that anyone with a mongoloid feature is a Kung Fu Master, being a Kung Fu Master is not bad.

Being Harassed by Airport Officials for holding an Indian Passport, extra checking to see that I’m not some terrorist, if denial of entry to Tourist spots in India as we are not paying the foreign entry fee for visiting heritage sites in my own country.

Standing up to sing the National Anthem of my own country with no mention whatever of Northeast ( Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura, Arunachal and Manipur) but you sing to the glory of only the major languages.

Weather a small state like mine would ever have development when it’s represented by only a single Member of Parliament whereas big states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra & Tamil Nadu with their large contingent of MP’s arm twist the government into allocating more development funds for their own state. Even in a democracy like India where we have more than 10 billionaires, some states and some people are less than equal. I sometimes wonder if our Politician and bureaucrats are following into the footpaths of the Imperial British Empire despite the efforts of our freedom fighters. The present political scenario of India reminds me of the “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.

Being labeled a tribal – It’s sad that despite coming from a society where there’s no caste system, we are labeled as tribals. I only got to sense what it means to be a tribal when I left my state, I had no idea that tribals were clubbed together with the lowest caste in the Indian caste system. I had no idea that being a tribal had a negative derogatory label until I mingled with the Indian community outside of my community.

Glass ceiling for tribal people like me in the Corporate world. I was quite surprised that the upper echelon in Corporate India is dominated by Bhramin Indian ( supposedly a superior people according to themselves).. The majority of these bhramin have a perception that tribals are inferior to them in all aspects – sadly enough. When people from the corporate people parrot about the Meritocracy in workplace, it’s all a myth propagated by them to put the glass ceiling in place. It’s true all human beings are equal when given the same training and same opportunity but unfortunately in a country like ours some people are more equal than others.

I can never expect a President, Prime Minister from my state because of our small population, that’s a fact that I will have to live with.

Less Media coverage of the Northeast east and minor communities like us. Recently a Lady Boxer from our State, Jenny won a gold Medal in a world boxing championship which was never covered in the national papers which is not surprising given that the Editors would have correctly assumed that very few of their readers would be interested to know that a boxer from a remote area of northeast had won a boxing championship despite the fact that the same sports page giving full coverage to our hopeless hockey & cricket team.

Being fleeced by people – get out of a train in any major Indian city and try to boards an auto, it’s more likely that you will be surrounded by a pack of drivers or thugs just waiting for any opportunity to rip you of your money, the more ignorant you are, the more advantage they try to take.

Ok, Even if I try to understand their viewpoint- they've all got hungry mouths to feed but I wonder what’s being done to fix the imbalance of supply and demand here, every year there hardly seems to be any change. Too much demand for too scarce supply of goods like water, food, shelter, air to breathe is making Indian cities suffocating. With the poor hungry people starving and some even going to the extent of committing suicide, it’s an irony that some of the richest people on the planet are Indian, Indians on the Forbes billionaire list lionized by the press. With the kind of development that we are having, where environmental concerns are ignored, the kind of development where water tables are getting deeper and water more scarce, trees are being cut down and we’re having people dying of cold or heatstroke & the polluted air unbreatheable, yet we have people being celebrated for being on the top 10 billionaire list while people are dying of hunger, we have cities being cited as the next silicon valley like bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad whereas we have pockets of poverty and backward areas in the country that are way back in the stone age with no literacy or proper Hygiene, no wonder we have seperatist & naxalite movements in the backward areas of the country. It’s sometimes easy to wonder if the Disintegration of India is at hand with this kind of anarchic functionalism.

Zion Street Aizawl on Sunday

Aizawl main shopping area, Zion Street on Sunday, it's quite clean, you can notice the dustbin right there in the middle of the steps

The steps here lead down to the bara bazar

The road further up, usually very crowded on weekdays, we usually have a traffic jam up here. If you're driving a car, you have to be on the accelerator, brake & clutch all at one time.

The New Millennium Shopping Center, it also has Escalators inside.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Paddy Fields - Tamil Nadu

This pic's were taken somewhere on the way for a field visit in Cuddallore district, it's really beautiful, looks like a carpet ful of grass with coconut trees swaying to and fro


You Also have these small brooks meandering to and fro between this paddy fields with small fishes sometimes.....good harvest for the farmers.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Human Development Mizoram

Human Development in Mizoram.

Khawvel a lo chankang ve zel a, keini mizo te pawh hma kan sawn ve zel. Lekhathiam lamah kan sang hle, mahse hriselna lam ah hian kan tla chhe viau a ni. Insumna lampang ah te kan tlak hniam deuh avang te pawh a ni thei. Chubak ah, zoram lo hmasawn zel ah hian, mihausa leh mirethei inkar a zau tial tial a ni. Hemi hausa leh rethei inkar zau zel dai dang tur hian Zoram ah hian Zirna in sang zawk tun ai a tha leh Insurance, a bik tak in mi harsa leh zawk te tanpui nan hmanrua tangkai tak a nih theih ka ring tlat a ni.

Ram changkang leh changkang lo tehfung pakhat chu Human Development Indexan tih hi a ni, hetah an tehna ber chu ram chhung an living standard, lekhathiam zat, a nawlpui a mihring damrei chhung a ni tlangpui. He tehfung hi Pakistani Economist Mahbub Ul Haq a hmuhchhuah a ni. Keini Mizo te pawh hi India ram hmarchhak state zing ah chuan a sang ber pawl kan ni, kan living index chu 0.548 a ni, a chawhkhawm in, India ram state zawng zawng HDI chu 0.389 chauh a ni. Ram changkang zawk ho te hi chu point 0.8 aia sang an ni tlangpui.

Ram hmasawnna tan nan hian a ram hausak zawng ringawtin teh tum lovin, mihausa leh mirethei inkar tihniam a, mi vantlang nawlpuiin nuam takin nun hmang thei se, a duhthusam awm zawk deih a ni. Entirnan, China ram mi tam tak zing ah billionaire 1 pawh an neih loh lai in, India ram ve thung ah Billionaire 20 ai tam kan nei, mahse China aiin kan ram a rethei zawk, mi harsa tak tak leh ei in pawh nei lo awm lai a, mi hausa lutuk khawvel top 10 ah pawh lang pha neih tho si kha, hmasawnna chu a nih theih a rinawm loh a ni. Keini, India ram kilkhawr state ah tal hi chuan, hetiang a mi harsa , rethei lonei mi te leh mi khawpui a mi awmthei, sorkar hnathawk leh sumdawng te inkar a inhlat zel hma hian, hma kan lak a tul ve a ni. He article ah hian kan HDI hniam nachhan leh kan hmasawn theihna tur kawng te han chhui teh ang u.

Lekhathiamna lampang ah chuan, a hming chuan India ram state zing ah pahnihna kan ni, a hming in Central University kan nei ve bawk a ni, mahse kan mithiam chherchhuah te an hmantlak nge hmantlak loh tih chu zawhna lian tak a awm thei a ni. Tunlai kan CM in a vei em em missionary 100,000 thawn chhuah hi a ropui khawp mai, mahse chu ai mah chuan kan missionary thawnchhuah te kha mithiam ni thei se a va duhawm dawn em. State khat ni ve reng bawk si, Medical, Engineering emaw Management Institute pakhat mah kan nei lo te pawh hi, hmalakna tur pawimawh tak a niin ka hria. Primary Education pawimawh zia chu kan hre theuh ang a, Pathian zarah missionary te an rawn kal avangin ziak leh chhiar te kan thiam ve a ni mai a, mahse tunlai khawvel ah hna hmu tur leh hmasawn zel tur chuan zirna sang zawk leh hma kan sawn zel theih na tur zirna in kan mamawh a ni. Keimahni ang a ram rethei ve tho, Phillipines ang ah te chuan an Sorkar in Nurse, Doctor leh Engineer te an train chhuak a, ram dang ah hna thawk in, pawisa an rawn thawn let leh zawk a ni. Zoram ah sorkar hna a tam tawk a nih loh pawh in, ram dang a hna chhawr theih na tlak tur khawp zirna tur nei thei I la, kan tangkai pui viau in a rinawm.

Khawvel a ram ropui ber leh lekha zirna neih changkang na ber, USA ah te pawh sawn an University lar ber leh tha ber te chu Kohhran tan deuh vek a ni, entirnan: Harvard Univeristy – Pastor Harvard a hming a seminary tan a ni, Princeton University – Presbyterian Kohhran ho tan, Brown University – Baptist Kohhran tan a ni leh bawk tlat. Kan Zoram ah te pawh hian kan school tha ber te pawh hi Kohhran School tan an ni leh tlat, entirnan St. Paul’s school – Roman Catholic, PC Girls Hr Sec – Presbyterian, Serkawn Hr Sec – Baptist, Helen Lowry – Adventist ho school te a ni ve leh tlat., heng school te hi ram changkang zawk an tih dan entawn in, kan School te hi private college emaw University a din choh dan kan Kohran te hian ngaihtuah se, mi tam tak in Zirna tur tha an neih theih phah a rinawm. Kumtin harsa chung chung in Zoram pawn ah thiamna zawng in phai lamah harsa takin lekhazir tur in kan kal thin , a tlem ber ah 20,000 ai tlem lo tur ah in ngai ta ila, thla khat ah mi pakhat zel in Rs 2,000 vel lo hmang ta zel se, thla tin 40,000,000 vel kan hmang ang a nia, Kum khat a kan hman zat chu 480,000,000 vel a ni tlat mai. Heti zo zai Zoram pawn ah sum kan thawn chhuah hi, kan ram ah heng sum hmanna nepnawi leh sumdawng te in hlawhna tur hi hlauh zel in, Vai ram ah vai ho kan chawm ringawt mai a ni.. Hetiang a sum tam tak thawn chhuah ai chuan, kan Kohhran te, kan sawma pakhat pekna te pawh hian kan Zoram tan lekhazirna College tha deuh, ram dang atang pawh a rawn pan theihna turin, Zirna in tha tak, zirtirtu tha tak hmang bawk si in, hma han la thei se, kan unau te, phai ram a lekha zirna man nei ve lo te tan a va duhawm dawn em.

Hriselna lampang ah hian keini Mizo te hi kan hniam leh em em a ni, Zoram ah hian Zu khap mahse Zial erawh an khap chuang bawk si lo. Hmarchhak state dang nei loh, Mizoram House, Mumbai Tata Cancer damdawi in bul ah te, Guwahati ah te leh Vellore ah te Cancer tuar kan nei tam lutuk te hi, Hriselna kan inzirtir loh vang a ni thei ang em? Kan kohhran Upa te’n Zu do chungin meizial an zu pat pat tlat, mizoram mipui kan hrisel loh hian keimahni chauh kan tuar lo, kan chhungten damdawi leh daktawr inentirna sum sen a ngaih avangin kan rethei, chuan Zoram a chhungkua cheng te hrisel loh vang a kan retheih chuan Zoram pawh kan retheih phah zel a ni. Chanchinbu a kan chhiar theih chinah chuan Mizoram hian khawvel ah per capita in Cancer tam na ber pahnihna kan ni tlat, a hmasaber Japan ram niin. Hetiang ram changkang natna, ram rethei tak mai in kan nei hi thil zahthlak tak a ni. Japan ram ah te chuan Cancer te pawh la nei reng te pawh ni se, anni chu, an Sorkar in free check up leh Insurance an tih sak thlap a ni.

Cancer do tur hian engtin nge kan tih dawn? Cigarette kawm ah “Smoking is injurious to health” tih chu kan hre vek. Rawtna pakhat ka neih chu ram changkang zawk a an tih angin Mizoram ah pawh hian hrisel lo te tan Mizoram Health Insurance System hi tan ve mai a tha in ka hria.

A rethei a hausa in Meizial zuk kan uar vek bawk si a, kan Sorkar hian dan in hna nei tawh phawt (salaried) chuan Health Insurance dan in, lei ngei ngei tur tiin dan han chhuah se. Amerawh chu, Health Insurance pe tur hian zoram a mipui zawng zawng hian kan pek theih a rinawm loh a ni. Tunah kan hriat theih chin ah Mizoram ah mi 921,970 kan awm a ni[9]. Chung ho zingah chuan 469,597 vel in hna kan thawk a ni. 52.7% vel in hna kan thawk ang a ni. Sorkar hnathawk hi 56,257 vel an ni leh bawk, hnathawk zing ah 11.9% an ni tlat, a awmzia chu mi 100 zel ah sorkar hnathawk 6 kan nei a ni. A awmzia chu Zoram hmasawnna tur a sum rawn lut hi Mizoram a sorkar hnathawk 6% in 40% a kan state budget hi hlawh a tan an la lut a ni.Heng kan Sorkar hnathawk tlem te hian in Sorkar hnenah hlawh pun te an la phut zui leh nghal. Income tha pangngai nei, Sorkar pawhin medical bill a pek sak te hi kan thingtlang unau, lonei mi te, eizawnna nei mumal lo te tan hian sorkar hian an income ah tax la ta se, chanhai ho tan a ziaawm deuh a rinawm a ni. Tunah entirnan, damdawi in awm man leh accident lak a invenhim nan, mipakhat tan kum khat a chawi zat tur chu Rs 1,181.00chauh a ni, thla tin a chawi zat tur chhut chuan Rs 98.41 chawi ngai ang vel a ni, hei hian damlo te tan engemaw chin chu damlo senso tur Rs 50,000 chin vel chu Insurance company khan a pe thei dawn a ni. Tunah kan Sorkar a hnathawk te Mizoram ah 6% a ni, kan hriat ve dan chuan, hnathawk pangngai tak tak leh awmthei deuh te 92,197 vel lo ni ta se, he mi 10% mi hausa ho hian Mizoram a kan BPL chhungkua harsa leh zual te 30% vel Medical Insurance chu a tax theih mai in a rinawm, mizoram awmthei deuh 10% , 92,197 in mizoram a harsa leh zual 30% mi 276,591 vel tan thla tin Rs 295.23 lek han sen chu an tan a na lutuk in a rinawm loh, mi harsa leh chanhai zawk te tan erawh chuan Rs 1 lek pawh hi thil hlu tak leh hmuh harsa tak a ni thei tlat.

Zoram ah rethei leh hausa inkar hi kan tih zim zawk nan, sawi tawh ang khan kan hnathawk te atang hian sorkar hian chhiah la se, chuan a theih chuan he sum hi Health Insurance leh Medical care ringawt ni lovin, piangsual te, tar te, hna nei lo te, thalai drugs ti te leh nawhchizuar te buaipui nan hmang ta zawk se, a tha zawk awm ma nge. Zirna lam ah pawh hma kan sawn zel bak ah mi tam zawk in lekha zirna tha kan neih theih nan, Zoram ah hian College tha tak tak te hi Phai ram atang pawh a rawn pan theih tur khawp a tha siam zel I la, hma chu kan sawn zel thei in a rin awm. Keini Zoram ah pawh hma kan sawn zel , phai ram atang in dawr changkang tak tak te pawh Mizoram ah branch te an rawn hawng zel a, kan fashion lah a sang bawk, mahse a neinung leh rethei kar a inhlat zel , hetiang a Mizoram hausa leh rethei inkar a nasat lutuk chuan kan lungrualna kehdarh ni a la awm ngei ang, Hetiang thil a awm hma hian , kan rethei leh hausa inkar tih bo dan hi I dap tlang ang u.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Importance of Women

Position of Women under Different Religons:

Isn’t it Surprising that after all our Civilization, how we still exploit women under the name of relgion, for instance sati, honor killing, genital mutilation, forced marriages & other forms of Abuse. I’m putting position of women as stated by different religions:


Sati: When a women’s husband dies, she also has to sacrifice her life and also be burnt along with her husband in the funeral pyre.


Wives, be subject to your husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. As the church is subject to Christ, so let wives also be subject in everything to their husbands." (Ephesians 5:22-24).


The Old Testament puts the monetary value of a woman’s life at one-half to two-thirds that of a man’s (Leviticus 27).

God suggests in his tenth commandment that the woman next door is your neighbor’s material possession which, along with his house, slaves and oxen, must not be coveted (Exodus 20:17);


The Koran elaborates: it requires the testimony of two women to offset that of one man (2:282)

The Koran recommends that disobedient wives be whipped (4:34).

According to major religions, women have been placed on earth to service men, to bear their children, to the keep their homes in order, and above all to not betray them by becoming the object of another man’s sexual enjoyment. Women tend to be exploited because of cultural, historical and religous reasons.

In many societies, women are exploited, not educated and are basically used as a human reproductive, vacuum cleaner –washing machine which tends to affect the health of women as they not only have to also work in the field, but also go fetch water, firewood and look after the kids. If basic hygienic principles are not known by the ladies, it also tends to affect the hygiene of not only the children but also of the whole family as improper sanitation and nutrition can lead to diarrhea, malaria and other disease.

Another very important issue is the inequal sex ratio – in many part of India, it’s felt that unless they have a male heir, their line stops or they’re not going to be taken care of, also the high dowry price that has to be given for daughters is another major concern of many parents, hence, the preference of male children and the abortion of many female babies.

Suppressing women can result in societal imbalance as there may be not enough females which may result in increase in prostitution which in turn could result in an increase in AIDS virus, thus making many members of the society unproductive, with high medicine cost. Uneducated women can also lead to unplanned child birth, population explosion, more poverty, bad health condition which could further decrease the standard of living of people.

Aizawl- Silchar - Shillong

This is a journey that we usually have to take every year as there's no direct train service, the road's narrow and pretty bad at some places. It's a panoramic view of Aizawl City, Capital of Mizoram from the other side of the hill

This is a view from the road near Kawnpui, the road snakes along the hill tops, which is quite high, when you look out, you almost feel like you're flying up there.

The tea gardens of Assam, this picture was taken after passing Silchar Town.

This is a picture of Sonapur, one of the perennial bad road areas in Meghalaya. It rains most of the time and has got really really bad roads there. As you can see, the Jungle's are really thick, covered with clouds most of the time.

Meghalaya higher up near shillong, very beautiful place, rolling hills, green grass and mountains full of pine trees and rivers meandering through the mountains.

The road's better this side, so the vehicles also run faster, this is a picture of a truck that had fallen by the side of the road, had to wait for traffic to clear up.

The fountain is in Police Bazar right in the middle of Shillong, capital of Meghalaya.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Zozehart - Mizo Artist

A Mizo Village on the hillside
Countryside hut in Mizoram- that's the place where they take rest during break from work
Typical Mizo village with Chief's house and Bachelor's house (Zawlbuk in centre of the town)
paintings & more from

Road Kings in India

Taken from Dorabjee's in Pune, cows moving about in the traffic

Holy Cow, literally, they're most comfortable in the middle of the road, this one is in Pondy
A bull fight on the road near shillong, Meghalaya
Elephant on the road in Pune

Monday, January 22, 2007

Christianity and Paganism

It's sometimes hard not to notice the similarties between Christianity and the ancient Pagan Religons.... for instance
  1. Christmas - The Romans held a festival on December 25 called Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, "the birthday of the unconquered sun." The use of the title Sol Invictus allowed several to be worshipped collectively, including Elah Gabalah, a Syrian sun god; Solar Dieties Sol, the god of Emperor Aurelian (AD 270-274); and Mithras, a soldiers' god of Persian origin coinciding with birth of Mithra in Zorastrian Mythology. Christmas was incorporated in Christianity in council of nicea during Constantinople's time.
  2. Easter - Related to Godess Eostre or Fertility - hency the rabbits - supposedly the God went to the underworld during winter and came back in spring, hence the celebration.
  3. Virgin Birth of Mary - The impregnation of mortal women by gods is common in pagan mythology.All the Pagan Religons at that time had Virgin birth by a godess. Mithraa was born of a virgin birth, so was Zeus-Greek God, Amon - Egyptian God.
  4. Sunday - The name "Sunday" (Day of the Sun) apparently originated in pre-Christian Egyptian culture. In Ptolemaic Egyptian astrology, the seven planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon, each had an hour of the day assigned to it, and the planet which was "regent" during the first hour of any day of the week gave its name to that day.The Egyptian form of the seven-day week spread from Egypt to Rome during the first and second century, when the Roman names of the planets were given to each successive day. Germanic-speaking nations apparently adopted the seven-day week from the Romans, so that the Roman dies Solis became Sunday (German, Sonntag). The Christians reinterpreted the heathen name as implying the Sun of Righteousness.
  5. Resurrection - Taken from Hellenistici immortality which the soul continues to live after death. Centuries before the time of Christ the nations annually celebrated the death and resurrection of Osiris, Tammuz, Attis, Mithra and other gods" . A cyclic dying and rising god motif was prevalent throughout ancient Mesopotamian and classical literature and practice (eg in Syrian and Greek worship of adonis, egyptian worship of Osiris;

Could be coincidence but striking

Bede's ("Ecclesiastic History of the English People") contains a letter from Pope Gregory I to Saint Mellitus, , who was then on his way to England to conduct missionary work among the heathen Anglo-Saxon . The Pope Suggest that converting heathens is easier if they are allowed to retain the outward forms of their traditional pagan practices and traditions, while recasting those traditions spiritually towards Christianity instead of to their indigenous gods (whom the Pope refers to as "devils"), "to the end that, whilst some gratifications are outwardly permitted them, they may the more easily consent to the inward consolations of the grace of God". The Pope sanctioned such conversion tactics as Biblically acceptable, pointing out that God did much the same thing with the ancient Israelites and their pagan sacrifices. This practice might explain the incorporation of traditions into the Christianity.

More pics - Relaxing Pondy

where everything is going downhill, the lovely sunset over the shores of pondy
specially for the weary soul, worn out and in need of peace
A Place of Refuge
For the smell of the earth after the rain - i luv the fresh smell of the earth

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tsunami - working with ADRA

One of the toilets that we constructed - still some preffered the open air more

One of the Livelihood projects for the women, some of the women lost their husband and children
With most of them being near the coastal area, and with their husbands no longer alive, and no fish to sell, an alternative source of livelihood was a welcome source of income

Fashion show for the kids, I was lucky to be one of the judges - they're really cute
Can't imagine what a big wave the tsunami could have been - this boat was right in the middle of the village, there were other boats too

Basketball - i Luv this game

My College Basketball Team
In Action
We're the Champion
Pune Mizo Student Union Team

My days @ Allianz Pune

The Office
With Colleagues

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

7th day Tlang, Aizawl

7th Day Tlang

Digging the Road up the Hill

Used to stay here once upon a time, it's on top of a small hill near the Church

An Old pic of the same house

@ Night

The Adventist Church Headquarters of Mizoram
Mizo Conference of SDA