Thursday, November 19, 2015

Speech given on topic of Chin Kuki Mizo Unity in Chennai

This was a speech given by me on Chin Kuki Mizo Unity by me on behalf of Chennai Mizo Welfare Association on Kuki Day function in Chennai .

Chibai and greetings from Chennai Mizo Welfare Association, at this moment, I would like to thank the leadership of Kuki Welfare Association for the Invitation extended to Chennai Mizo Welfare Assoiation and the Lord Almighty for the blessing that he has bestowed upon us.

As all of us are members of the Chin Kuki Mizo family, I would first like to state that we are a special people and tribe chosen and found by God. Even though we live in different countries like I and are surrounded by the World’s great religion like Buddhist in Myanmar’s East, Muslim’s in Bangladesh and Hindu’s in India, we are unique in that most of us are Christian’s in this region of the world.

It is however unfortunate that the British instead of grouping the Chin Mizo Kuki people in one place scattered us in different countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and as we are on the fringes of this country with less population treated  with less attention.
Even in lands which we are currently occupied by our forefathers from long time ago in Churuchandpur, we have seen new Legislations which effect the security of our own people and future and also very unfortunate that a few people died in the protest against that legislation. In the same way, in Mayanar, there is an effort to Myanmarize people to adopt their language, culture and religion, the same way in Bangladesh and parts of India. It is the wish of the mainstream to integrate us, which is not a bad intention, but at the same time, while integrating, it is also sacrosanct and important that we do not lose our identity, language, culture and religion which also forms the core of our identity.

Because we the Mizo Kuki Chin people are scattered in different states within the same country, different country we are called different names. In Manipur we are kuki and Zomi, in Myanmar we are Chin but the following things bind us together:
1.       Common Ancestors
2.       Common culture, customes and very similar languages.
3.       One Nation (Hnam Khat)

There are many political parties, NGO’s and social moment which are working hard to bring us together but we also face challenges and there are people who do not want us to be united. Who can forget the year 1964 when the Myanmar government rejected changing the name of Chin state to Zo state.

So dear brothers and sisters, for us the chin kuki mizo tribe to be united it is important that we are first united and support each other with respect and Dignity. Despite  our different clan names let us be united. Let us follow the example of Israel. Israel is one country, they do not have a separate country for the tribe of Reuben, Benjamin or Judah but they are all together. It is with this unity that they were able to win the 6 day war when all their neighbouring countries fought against them together.  Let us be united and work hard towards it so that we can be a blessing for our own nation and people and let us, the Chin Kuki Mizo people in Chennai take the lead in this respect.

Thank you.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mi rel that loh zia (Sermon tawi)

Kan ka a thuchhuak a pawimawh

Mizoram kan society ah hian Mizo chi hnih kan awm a tih theih ang, pakhat zawk a chu zuk leh hmuam a fihlim lo, zu ruih pawi ti lo, fel vak lo a ngaih te kan ti thei ang chu. A dang zawk chu khawtlang a mi fel, zuk leh hmuam a fihlim, zu pawh in lo te kan ni. Mahse a chang chuan mi thenkhat zuk leh hmuam ti ve miah lo, fel em em a in ngai te hian Bibul in a huat em em mi sawisel leh mi rel te hi a hrat ber ber ah a lo tan theih a ni. Awle, Bibul in eng nge a sawi ve eng, Pathian thu thianghlim I lo chhiar ang u.

Rom 1:28-32
1:28 Tin, Pathian hriat an duh loh avangin, thil mawi lote ti tura a duh lohzawng rilru neih phalin Pathianin a hawisan ta;
1:29 chutichuan fel lohna zawng zawng te, sualna zawng zawng te, duhamna zawng zawng te, suahsualna zawng zawng tein an lo khat a; itsikna te, tualthahna te, inhauna te, bumna te, nungchang that lohna tein an khat a; sesea thu lak hmang te,
1:30 mi rel hmang te, Pathian huatzawng te, intivei te, chapo te, mi uang te, thil sual thar tichhuaktu te, nu leh pa thu awih lo te,
1:31 rilru nei lo te, thutiam bawhchhetu te, hmangaihna pianpui nei lo te, khawngaihna nei lo te an lo ni a;
1:32 chutianga thil titute chu thi zia reng an ni tih Pathian ruat chu hre rengin, anmahni changa ti pawh ni lovin, mi dang ti thinte chungah chuan an lawm bawk thin.

Awle, sawi chhunzawm zel hma in, thawnthu tawi te ka lo sawi ang a, Kum 2012 khan naupang kum 15 lek, Amanda Todd chu a mah leh a mah in that a nih, a chhan ber chu online in internet ah thian a chhar a, a zahmawh deuh thla lak kha a ni pawh an in kawm na vel ah a lo thawn palh a, a thla lak mawi lo tak mai chu online ah hmuh theih in a awm ta reng mai, a thian te hnenah ten an lo hria a, a hnung a, a thian te'n kawm tha duh lo in an lo rel a, an rel kual kha a rilru a na in a rilru a hrehawm lutuk kha, a mah leh a mah in a kut ah chem in a thisen zam zai chat in, a in that ta ringawt mai a ni.

Awle, tunah Bibul chang kan lo chhiar tak ang khan, a sesea thu lak hmang te, mi rel hmang te tih kha tulthatna te nen a tel tlat. Pathian hian mi rel leh saisel hi a lo va hua awm em? Thil ho te, pawi vak lo a kan ngaih hi Pathian hian a ngai pawimawh hle tih a hriat theih a ni.

Tunah kan chhiar tak ang khan mi thah zeuh zeuh heta inkhawm te zing ah hian kan awm ang em? Kan awm kher lo mai thei mahse mi rel leh mi sawi chhia duh te erawh chu kan awm mai thei mahse Bibul hian mi rel hi a la zam lo hle a ni.

Awle, Bibul atang in Isua'n mi rel a that loh zia tih kan kan hria ta a, mahse mi rel a tih tak hi eng nge awmzia? Dictionary lam ah mi rel hi eng nge awmzia I lo chhiar ang U.
Mi rel ka tih hi saptawng chuan Slander emaw backbiting te pawh a tih theih ang chu. Dictionary ah chuan a tha lo zawng, mawhpuh zawng, ti hming chhe zawng a sawi, buaina chinfel tum si lo, mi fel loh na lampang ringawt sawi hi a ni.

Mi thahnem ngai tak a, an fel loh na va hrilh te emaw buaina chinfel tum te chu a huam tel lo a ni.

Awle, Mi rel a that loh zia leh a pawi thui theih zia te Bibul chang leh Mi experience atang ngei in kan hre tawh bawk a, mi rel te a awlsam zia kan hria a, eng tin nge mi rel hi kan tih tawp theih dan tur I lo en ang u.
1. Hmangaihna- Mi rel ti tawp tur chuan a pawimawh ber chu, in hmangaihna hi a ni.
Marka 12:31 “ A dawttu chu hei hi a ni, 'Nangmah i inhmangaih angin i vengte pawh i hmangaih tur a ni,' tih hi. Heng aia thupek ropui zawk reng reng hi a awm lo," tiin a chhang a.

Thenawm te hmangaih tur in min ti a ni, bibul chang hian, chutiang bawk in thenawm te ringawt lo in, thian te leh hmelhriat te in nangmah rel tur che a I duh loh chuan nang pawh in mi rel lo in, I thian leh thanwm te kha hmangaih zawk tur a ni. Kan in rel chhan ber te, Chapo vang te, itsik vang te hi a ni tlangpui a, kha mi ai ah tawngai nan nen in ngaidam in, hmangaihna kan neih chuan, itsik leh chapo na te kha a bo thei a ni.

2. Thinrim in Fimkhur tur- Thinur leh thinrim hian mi pawi sawi sual palh a hlauhawm khawp mai, kan thil sawi tum ai tam, a hnu lawk a ka in chhir leh na tur sawi te hi a awl khawp mai. Tinrim hian ngawi mai a, Pathian hnenah tawngtai a inpek mai hi a tha ber a ni. Nang ni pawh han ngaihtuah ve rawh u, Isua thil ti thei ber pawh hian a ma thu kan awih loh a, a ngaihdan lo a kan awm in, a thinrim thinthawk in nang chu vanram a beisei awm loh, chatuan nun a I chang ve lo ang, meidil lam a kal tur a ni te min han ti mai se, hrehawm kan tih viau ka ring a ni.

Thufingte 15:1 Chhânna nemin thinur a tikiang thin a, Tawng huatthlala erawh chuan thinur a chawk tho thin.

3. Thu belhchian ngaichang phawt ang che. -Mi in an rel kual che tih I hriat chuan, ring ringawt suh ang che. Mi tam zawk hi chuan thu belhcian dawl lo, an rin thu te hi an sawi ve mai mai thei a ni. Ngaihthlak dan fimkhur thiam a ngai. Thil hre chiang vak lo a, lo sawi pung te nih pawh hi thil hlauhawm tak a ni. In ringhlel ringawt a, thu belh chian awm bawk si lo chu, nupa inkar te, thian in kar te pawh a ti chhe vek thei a ni.

Deutronomy 19:15 “Mi a khawlohna emaw, a sualna reng reng emaw hretu pakhat chu a tawk lo ang, hretu pahnih ka emaw, hretu pathum ka emaw thuin tihngeh tur a ni.

4. Nangmah rel tu chu zawt chiang rawh. - Mi in an rel che a nih chuan amah rel let emaw intihthiam loh na a awm loh nan, be tlang rawh. Hrehawm te a ti ang a, a zak ang a , a sim thei. Chutiang a nih loh tal pawh in , a rel tawh lo ang che. Mi tu pawh thinlung dik , thinrim lo leh buaina duh lo chuan fianrial ah a va sawi pui theih a ni. Chu ti te a nih chuan chuan upa emaw Pastor te hnanah a thlen theih a ni. In ngaihdam tawn na leh in zah tawn na boruak ah chuan in hriathiam pawh a awlsam zawk a ni.

Kolosa 3:13 tupawhin tu chungah pawh thupawi nei ang ula indawh tawnin inngaidam tawn ula; Lalpa chuan a ngaidam che u ang tak khan ngaidam ve rawh u.

5. Mi in an rel che a nih chuan an chanchin tha sawi rawh.- I bul a mi te'n an rel che a nih chuan an chanchin tha emaw an fel na sawi rawh. Mi tu pawh felna te, fel lohna te kan nei. Khatiang a mi fel loh na an sawi lai khan an that na kha kan sawi chuan mi rel zel pawh an tan a har ang.

Mei alh hluah hluah te rem tur chuan Kerosene theih ai in tui theh chuan a ti dai zawk thei a ni. Kan tui theih daih na tha ber chu mi that na sawi kha a ni.

Ephesei 4:29 Thu tha lo reng in kaan chhuak suh se, a tulzia ang zela siam tha turin thu tha apiang chhuak zawk rawh se, a ngaithlatute tan khawngaihna a lo nih theih nan.

6. Isua eng tin nge a mah an rel in a chhan? - Isua pawh kha khawvel a awm lai khan mi in an rel a, a mah sawiselna tur an zawng nasa thei hle a ni. Pharasai te leh mi tam tak khan Isua kha an ngei a, a fel loh na leh a thu sawi sual kha an zawng reng a ni. Bibul I lo chhiar ang u.

Johanna 8:3-6
8:3 Tin, lehkhaziaktute leh Pharisaiten hmeichhe pakhat a uire lai an man an rawn hruai a; tin, a laiah an dintir a,
8:4 Isua hnenah, "Zirtirtu, he hmeichhia hi a uire lai an man a ni, a uire lai takin.
8:5 Dan Lehkhabuah, Mosian hetiang mi hi lunga den hlum thu min pe a; nangin engtin nge i ngaih?" an ti a.
8:6 Chu thu chu amah fiah nan an ti a, a hekna tur an hmuh theih nan. Chutichuan Isua a kun a, a kut zungin leiah a ziak a.

Isua hnenah Uire hek tu te ang khan, mi rel hrat te bul ah hian kan fimkhur a ngai em em a ni, midang I bul a mi rel duh chuan, a mi rel lai a, I thu lo sawi ve te kha midang hnenah a sawi leh thei a ni, a va han hlauhawm em?? Hetiang mi rel hrat te lak ah chuan Isua kha eng tin nge a chhan? Engmah a sawi lo, thu in a chhang lo reng reng, zirtur kan va han nei ropui em....

Adultress - source

Fiamthu :-)
Tum khat chu nu 3 hi rel ah an chuang a ni. An pathum zing ah an thil tih sual te kha an in puang ta a, Nu pakhat chuan ka pasal lak ah ka rinawm lo, ka uire a ni a ti a, Pahnihna ve thung erawh chuan zu hi a ruk in ka in thin, zu ruih hi nuam ka ti lutuk a, a ti ta a ni. Pathumna erawh chuan kei chu mi rel hi nuam ka ti tawp, kan thlen na tur thleng vat I la, in chanchin mi hnenah han sawi ka va han chak em a ti ta a ni.

Khawvel a hlim tak a kan awm duh chuan mi that loh na sawi loh tur a ni. Nunna thianghlim neih theuh I tum ang u. Isua ang khan mi in kan bul a mi an rel a nih chuan, a rel tu leh sawi chhe tu ah tang ve lo in, ngawih emaw thu tha chauh sawi in, Isua hnaih I tum theuh ang u.

A tawp nan Sam 19:14 I lo chhiar ang u.
Aw LALPA, ka lungpui leh mi tlantu, Ka kaa thu chhuakte leh ka thinlunga ngaihtuahnate hi i mithmuhah lawmtlak takin awm rawh se”.

Lalpan ka thusawi te in vai atang malsawm rawh se....